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  The Railstar "source control / mess management" solution is a system which allows yacht crews, contractors, and refit yards the opportunity to take responsibility for subsequent discharge inevitably resulting from a variety of regularly scheduled maintenance projects aboard. We designed this more specifically for the sanding, stripping, and the delivery of product to varnished cap & toe rails, however often hear of proponents utilizing it for other projects involving hull or waterline upkeep for example.


Now after eight years of in-field testing and applications on countless contracts in marinas and shipyards Stateside and in Europe, we are forever realizing the endless configurations of the apparatus and with no geographic parameters re: the commercial opportunity for Railstar.
We know of no such pre-existing product which in any way compares or competes with the Railstar system.

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Our light weight polyethylene modular assembly components are reusable, strong, they float, and may prove to have as many other useful functions pertaining to refit mess management planning as the imagination permits. As a professional yacht finisher I have also re-developed my technique to dare -to-deliver thicker, more credible coatings. No more pre-occupation where the overflow or drips would go, no more mess into the water nor onto the paint, decks etc! This is huge.

It would be presumptuous of us to speculate on just how much intentional discharge could be prevented from entering the waterways on a global perspective. However we believe that it would be enough to warrant this system being widely available to (and affordable for) yachts wishing to do the right thing. On one refit alone, day 1 we observed approx. 200 dry liters of hazmat discharge from entering the water and then disposed of accordingly in appropriate recycle facility. One Day / One Boat.
Hopefully there will be more eco conscientious yachts and refit facilities intent on qualifying their commitment to the environment. Railstar does set an example worth following. And it is affordable!


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