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 is a versatile tool for maintaining marine rail systems.
Configure Railstar members to themselves and to stanchions with cable ties. Here a 12" bib is required outboard and 6" will suffice inboard
Configure Railstar members to conform to any flair.
Place Railstar members at shorter spans to wrap around curves.
No configuration can stop Railstar from protecting your ship.
Why use Railstar?

This industry-specific solution effectively addresses "mess management" as no other, and in-so-doing avails undenyable cost savings for applicators and yachts alike! It is EASY and SIMPLE. Now there is a new-generation technique which makes more sense in every way. Everyone wins! See for yourself why Railstar is always the RIGHT thing to do.
Aside from protecting your boat and the body of water you are afloat on from any run-off material, it will allow applicator to deliver more mileage of product than ever before!
Remember, thicker means more "flow time" after delivery. Deliver product more liberally than ever before and then brush it into place!

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our Railstar Versatility page.
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No more struggles, no more messes. Railstar solves all
the age old wood finishing problems that have made your
life miserable. With Railstar's quick and easy installation,
all your worries disappear.
Step 1)
Apply protective tape
to area.
see materials:
Safe Tapes

Step 2)
Apply bonding material over pre-taped edge (for ease of clean up at job's end)
see materials:
Construction Tapes
Bonding Materials

Step 3)
Place "bib" material
and secure
with masking tape
see materials:
Construction Tapes
Bib Materials

Step 4)
That's it! All done.
Get to work!
 * Recommended materials may differ from 1 market area to
   another depending on availability
Safe Tapes : • 3M 2080 painter's tape(8 week)
• 3M 2090 painter's tape
These tapes are ideal for applying over clean boat surfaces. see Step 1
Construction Tapes : • 3M 2040 White Masking
This tape is ideal for attaching:
-bib material to safe tape on boat
-bib material to Railstar members
and also for protecting side of Railstar members from maintenance cleaning.
see Step 2 , Step 3
Bib Materials: • 3M Scotch Blok Masking Paper
This solvent resistant painters paper is ideal for light duty and fair weather situations. see Step 3
  • Bainbridge Intl. Cover Guard
Cover Guard is a 10 mil. plastic, available in pre-cut rolls through Railstar distributors. see Step 3
Bonding Materials : • 3M Foam Tape V.H.B 4991
Proven fastening systems which work well with
For a firm bond when attaching Railstar to the boat
first use...
  • 3M Adhesive Remover
• Isopropyl (rubbing) Alcohol
To clean backside of Safe Tapes and Protection Tapes. This removes silicone coating on back of tapes and enables your choice of bonding material optimum adhesion. see Step 2
Product Disclaimer:
Recommended materials inclusive new docking plate (RSDP) are based on extensive infield testing and have proven to enable Railstar System optimum tolerance to most weather and workplace scenario's. Obviously conditions can become extreme and we do not suggest that Railstar will tolerate "any and all" unpredictable environmental variables. Common sense dictates that monitoring may be appropriate by end- user.
Railstar • Rail Maintenance System • Ft. Lauderdale, Florida     U.S. Patent 7,007,627, B1 site by: ccpalma